Hille Hoogland

Hille Hoogland

37 jaar uit Amsterdam

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Coördinator intake en "meer dan voedsel alleen" bij de Voedselbank Amsterdam

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September 19, 2009 16:32

Hier even de link van het filmpje gemaakt door AT5 over onze banenuitwisseling, klik op Kort Amsterdams Vs New York part 4. Ik wil er even bij zeggen dat Kristen werkt voor City Harvest New York (een Food Rescue organisatie) en ik voor Voedselbank Amsterdam. En in New York zijn wij gefilmd tijdens  een Apple repacking event . Dat is niet iets waar Kristen en ik ons dagelijks mee bezig houden. Maar mijn zoontje Lev, van 1 1/2, vond het geweldig om zijn moeder op tv bezig te zien met zijn favoriete fruit! Hij riep steeds mama! appel! 

Ons dagelijks werk is in het echt project- en beleidsmatig. Onze functienamen zijn ook verschillend, maar wat wij allebei doen en de manier waarop, komt heel erg overeen. Wij zijn beiden bezig met organiseren van activiteiten en samenwerkingsverbanden, die gericht zijn op bestrijding van armoede, van honger. Kristen doet dat meer vanuit haar achtergrond als Master Nutritional and Public Health en ik als Master Medische antropologie. Kristen focust dus meer op gezond eten en zij was bv. heel erg aangenaam verrast door de redelijk gezonde en gevarieerde samenstelling van onze pakketten deze week (het is toch iedere week weer afhankelijk van het aanbod).

De Job Swap is een project van de Stichting Henry Hudson 400 in samenwerking met BKB en wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door NY400. De wildcard actie wordt georganiseerd met Het Parool en AM New York.

Kristen Mancinelli

Kristen Mancinelli

29 years old from New York

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Manager of policy and government relations at City Harvest

12-hour work day

September 11, 2009 07:06

Hille and I work all day because there is too much to do and see in a short time. We meet at 9:15 am at the Manhattan Borough President's office to plan a follow up conference to last year's "The Politics of Food" that helped to outline a food charter for NYC. When Hille introduces herself everyone perks up - it's exciting to have a visitor who works on the same issues in another country! (Hille apologizes that she will not be able to take me to such meetings on the other side, since they will be in Dutch. I apologize for the fact that I do not speak Dutch when I'm interviewed for Dutch tv, which apparently makes it okay that I don't).

We sit with representatives from all sections of the food system in NYC: city government (Dept of Health, Dept of Planning), academia (The Earth Institute, Columbia), non profit (Just Food, NYCCAH), and other groups to talk about the problems of food access, food production and distribution, and their link to climate change. This discussion touches on a host of problems that are connected somehow to the mismanagement of our food system. We've cast a wide net, but we know these issues are real. Hille says: "You guys are ambitious. You're trying to solve a lot of problems." Indeed...

Hille has a hard time saying "no" to any activity; she wants to see everything she can before she leaves. I don't blame her and will probably be the same way when I get to Amsterdam. As for me, I've simply got my regular work to do while I try to accompany Hille for more interesting things (she is not eager to sit next to me while I write reports on school food, for instance).

Of course I can't show her everything, but we've done quite a lot. Hille asks me if I think I have an "office job". I say yes, then no, then: "I run around the city a lot". She tells me the story of hiring her assistant who, when asked where her work space was, was told (by Hille) "the city of Amsterdam is where you do your work". In the field! Hille and I have the same mentality about this - we're always doing something to make sure that people have good food to eat from wherever we happen to be at the time.

Today Hille went from downtown Manhattan to the Bronx and back to midtown before finally leaving the office at 7:30 or so (after it took 33 minutes for her video to load to her blog). I left at 9:07pm. And tomorrow we have a packed day. We may forget to write about it and just get some sleep!

The Job Swap is an initiative of the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation and BKB, in cooperation with the NY400. The Wildcard contest is organized together with newspapers Het Parool (Amsterdam) and AM New York (New York).