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August 26, 2009 17:48

Hallo Lieve mensen,

Dit wordt zowaar mijn eerste Blog ooit:

Gisteren is me door de Job Swap organisatie nog eens piekfijn uitgelegd hoe het allemaal moet, en heb ik mijn flashbacks van schuldgevoelens over myspaces/hyves en website die nodig om updates gillen met een vrolijke zucht van me af laten glijden. Fijn, een schone lij;

Leah en ik
De Job Swap uitwisseling met Leah Siegel komt al echt dichtbij, en ik ben heel benieuwd hoe we elkaar gaan vinden, muzikaal en vriendschappelijk.

Ik ga haar straks een mail sturen om onze bands gerust te stellen. Zo kunnen de muzikanten zich van te voren al vastbijten in het instuderen van ons beider eigen liedjes. Haar band klinkt heel anders dan die van mij, en ik vind het spannend hoe ze mijn stukken gaan spelen.

Ik denk dat zij 't ook een licht verontrustende gedachte zou kunnen vinden om met een geheel nieuwe band in de Paradiso te moeten spelen met een paar repetities, maar ik ben ervan overtuigd dat we de uitdaging aan grijpen om in dit geval boven onszelf uit te stijgen (dat zou even mooi zijn!)

Leah en ik gaan onze creativiteit aanzwengelen om onze ervaringen in New York en in Amsterdam in liedvorm om te smelten. Ik merk nu al dat deze aankomende uitwisseling stof tot schrijven geeft, heb vandaag een liedje geschreven over verwachtingen. Hier voor jullie de tekst:

I’m flying off to a life on hold,
Maybe it’ll take off this time,
Or this bird will leave the tale untold,
Eager I watch the wings unfold
I watch these wings as if they’re mine

The plane leaves expectation in the departure seat
In the equation between stay or go,
Left luggage is really putting on weight
My voice speaks his mind, I told you so

I’m a shoe made for the city
And too hasty to shoot root
Taking this take-away life,
To places I reach on foot,

Though I can’t outrun my calling,
My heart still sets a steady pace onward,
And I’m making sure I won’t be falling
So I’m not looking back, I’m facing forward,

But I can’t forget you came along
You said you’d like to know
Where I’m coming from
Words that set me off to go

I can’t go on like this for long
It will all catch up with me I know
But until the day I am that strong
Your words have set me off to go

Your words have set me off to go

De Job Swap is een project van de Stichting Henry Hudson 400 in samenwerking met BKB en wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door NY400. De wildcard actie wordt georganiseerd met Het Parool en AM New York.

Leah Siegel

Leah Siegel

30 years old from New York

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Singer-songwriter uit Brooklyn, New York

Day 4 - The Studio

September 18, 2009 12:54

I slept like a brick until 10:30am.  Renske and i were to go get croissants and orange juice for breakfast before getting to the studio at noon.  she took me to a tiny little place where she told me "these are the best croissants in the world" and that croissants are actually originally a turkish treat before they were hijacked by the french.  they were pretty remarkable i have to say.  perfectly light, a little crisp on the outside, and soft and doughy on the inside.  we talked about vegetarianism, veganism, the enviroment, the future....  and then we were on our way to the studio.... maybe a few minutes late.  but right on time for musicians.

we tracked the song we wrote together and her bandmates accompanied us.  i was so tired i started feeling very shaky and ill.  i pushed through it and we got down a few takes until we had one to work with.  i found a couch cluttered with instruments and cords somewhere between the bass and drums.  i was jittery and shaky.  i squeezed myself between the saxophone and the accordion and watched the rest of the action from there.  when i woke up an hour later, the band had made a coffee run and i was ready to work again, even though my job was finished.  i felt badly that i had left Renske alone to make all the decisions and that she hadn't gotten a nap too.  she was very sweet about it and said it was of course no problem.  she knew exactly what i was going through.

we had a great time in the studio and it wasn't too rough.  we left to get a bite to eat at a sweet little sandwich and soup shop.  we shopped.  we went to the american bookstore where i wanted to get a copy of The Fountainhead, which Renske had referenced a few times in the last week and which i know i should have read in college.  her fiance and i share a love of Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and so there was no need for them to get it, so i bought Ishmael for them.  a very interesting arguement regarding civilaztion.

we were so exhausted that we were actually confused.  but we knew we needed to either finish writing our song or figure out a good cover to sing for the radio appearance on friday at the two other appearances we have scheduled for friday and saturday night.  i could feel we were both reluctant to keep pushing ourselves and getting into bed at 8pm sounded like the best thing for us.  but we pushed.  we had a cup of fresh mint tea (delicious!) and wracked our brains.  we tossed around a couple ideas until i remembered an easy and fun old song that i had just sung with some friends of mine back home.  we mounted our bikes and made our way back to Renske's place.  when she ran out to get some pizza for us, i noticed RUMMY CUBE!!!  i couldn't believe it!  my grandma had taught me and my sister how to play when we were kids and we played all the time.

Huub, Renske's fiance, was tickled that i knew of it and so we sat down to play.  i said, "are you sure?  rens and i really should work??"...  and when she came in with the food she saw the looks on our faces, mine of apologetic guilt...i'm not sure what Huub's look was saying...  and let out a big laugh.  she set up a board for herself and we all played together as we listened to the song we were going to prepare.   we put the song on repeat and listened again and again until it was in our heads and we ran to play it.  it's so fun singing together.  our voices are perfectly matched.  we sang it again and again and Huub made a little video of our practice.  we were thrilled, just thrilled.

and then we finished our rummy cube game and i rode my bike home.  exhausted and immensely satisfied.  i got lost on the way but recognized the corner where i almost got slammed by the tram, and was easily able to find my way home from there.  i slept hard.

The Job Swap is an initiative of the Henry Hudson 400 Foundation and BKB, in cooperation with the NY400. The Wildcard contest is organized together with newspapers Het Parool (Amsterdam) and AM New York (New York).